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Harper's Story

When Harper started feeding therapy at CHoR she was 100% g-tube fed. As our feeding journey moved forward I slowly watched Harper learn to eat. Literally one bite and drink at a time. Harper has been receiving feeding therapy at the hospital for a little over 2 years and I am very proud to say that Harper is 100% fed by mouth and no longer has her g-tube. Read More >>

Sydney's Story

Very early in the morning on March 1, 2015, we found our perfectly healthy three month old daughter Sydney unresponsive in her crib when her twin sister was crying for food at 3:30 am. We rushed Sydney over to Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU, where she was admitted with acute kidney and liver failure. Read More >>

Karley's Story

Karley is 15 years old and has a rare breathing disorder called congenital central hypoventilation syndrome (CCHS), which is also known as Ondine's curse. Karley also has Crohn's and Hirschsprung's disease, epileptic seizures, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, and autism. Karley is on a ventilator 24/7 and has had a feeding tube since age 4. Read More >>

Abby's Story

Abby was having a normal day at summer camp on August 14, 2014 when everything changed. She was running out of the woods, playing camo tag, when she tripped over a log, did a flip in mid-air, and landed on her head on the ground. Read More >>

Jasmine's Story

Jasmine, a 13 year old, vibrant, beautiful and out-going young lady who loves life but battles with Sickle Cell Disease. For those who don't know, Sickle Cell anemia is an inherited disease (you are born with this) that attacks the "good" red blood cells in the body and causes them to form into an S-shaped, hence the name "sickle" cells. Jasmine has been a patient at VCU/MCV, now known as the Children's Hospital of Richmond since she was born. Read More >>

Joe's Story

Joe is 6 years old. He loves a good book, enjoys music of all kinds, and wakes up smiling every day. He also has global developmental delays that make him very different from other kids his age. He doesn't speak, his walk is a little unsteady, and he needs help with things like climbing stairs and eating. Read More >>

Robbie's Story

My son Robbie was born with a rare vascular condition called Blue Rubber Bleb Nevus Syndrome. Robbie led a normal, active life until he experienced a vascular bleed and became a paraplegic in 2009 at the age of 14. Read More >>

Grace's Story

My daughter Grace is twenty months old and comes to the Feeding Clinic at Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU once a week. Read More >>

Blake's Story

Blake is a 14 month old tubie baby! We had an NG, ND and finally G tube placement in April 2013. He was diagnosed after birth with Severe Acid Reflux, Gastroparesis, Allergic colitis, Milk Allergy, Tracheomalasia, GERD, Congenital Ptosis, Non-Allergic Urtacaria and Failure to Thrive. Read More >>

Ben's Story

At my 24 week checkup, Dr. Nan O'Connell sent me to Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU. It was a Friday night and I was admitted with sudden severe preeclampsia. After two days of trying to keep my blood pressure down and manage the fluid, Dr. Peng determined that I had fluid on my lungs and scheduled an emergency c-section. It had snowed that Sunday, but the medical staff made it in and Dr. Rigby delivered my son at 24 weeks on March 2, 2009. He was 1 lb, 6 oz, coded in the delivery room and was whisked off to the NICU. As we look toward his fifth birthday, I am in awe of my wonderful son who shakes his head when I tell him that he's a superhero because as he says he's not superhero, he's just Ben. Just Ben likes dolphins and kangaroos, school buses and fire trucks, running and climbing, singing and dancing. Read More >>

Collin's Story

In August 2012, we moved to Richmond, VA from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Our son, Collin, who is now four, has very extensive food allergies and asthma. By the age of three he had been hospitalized in Oklahoma three times. His asthma was not well controlled and everyday was a struggle. We had problems with daycare for his allergies and it was like no one really knew what to do with him. Read More >>

Allie's Story

Our daughter Allie is 3 and has a very long list of diagnoses: cerebral palsy, oral and verbal apraxia, motor planing struggles, asthma, hypogammagolbinanemia, sensory processing disorder, hearing impairment, mild vision problems from a detached retina just to name a few. She is so amazing and continues to defy the odds! Read More >>

Becca's Story

Around her 13th birthday our daughter, Rebecca, began complaining of low back pain. Over the next 8 months we watched our once active daughter begin to do less and less and she spent more time at home laying on the couch due to her back pain. She also began complaining of leg weakness and decreased/altered sensation in her hands, legs and feet. Read More >>

Aaron's Story

When Aaron turned 4 months at his routine doctors' visit we discussed him not reaching his milestones. The doctor ordered a series of blood tests. One week later we received the results and it was the most terrible news a parent can ever receive. Aaron was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) type 1 the most severe. The attending doctor gave Aaron no more than 2 years to live. Aaron is turning 10 in January and he is a strong boy and that’s why he is OUR SMA HERO! Read More >>

Ellen's Story

Last January, Jennifer Sulanke became concerned about her daughter Ellen's cough and congestion and decided to take her youngest child to a local pediatric urgent care center. Ellen was diagnosed with respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), which infects the lungs and breathing passages and can be especially serious in infants, and was immediately transported by ambulance to Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU. Read More >>

Michael's Story

Michael DeAndre Matthews was diagnosed with end-stage renal disease and cared for and treated by the Pediatric Nephrology department at Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU. Read More >>

Michael's Story

Our son Michael was referred to cardiologist Dr. Doug Allen at Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU when he was one year old. It was soon discovered that Michael would need open heart surgery to repair an atrial septal defect and congenital heart defect. Read More >>

Sydney's Story

After breaking her arm at gymnastics practice, 10-year-old Sydney Emery was treated by multiple specialists in Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU's (CHoR) Pediatric Emergency Room. Click the link above to watch a video about Sydney and her family's experience at CHoR. Read More >>

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