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Junior Board

Children’s Hospital Foundation is supported by two women’s auxiliary boards, including the Junior Board which is composed of 50 members dedicated to furthering the Foundation’s mission.

The Junior Board of the original Crippled Children’s Hospital was first organized in May 1933, with a membership of twenty-five. At that time, the primary functions of the Board were to assist in feeding the children and to entertain them. In 1935 they took charge of craft classes and organized a Girl Scout Troup for patients. To raise funds, the Board organized a variety of events and campaigns—their first was a dog show, and future years brought Christmas card sales, fashion shows and many other activities.

The Annual Ball

The highlight of the Junior Board’s fundraising year is the annual Children’s Hospital Foundation Ball, held each November since 1964. The Ball’s carefully chosen theme is portrayed through lavish and creative decorations at the event. Junior Board members spend tireless hours designing, creating, painting, and finally nailing the finishing touches to the decorations that delight and often surprise the Ball patrons.

As with all Junior Board endeavors, our goal is to maximize the benefits to the children served by the Hospital. Since 2000, the Junior Board has raised over $4 million to benefit Children’s Hospital Foundation. Recent gifts include:

2017 - $264,000 to support the CHF Heart Center and a Healing Garden at the Virginia Treatment Center for Children

2016 - $235,000 to support the CHF Heart Center

2015 - $235,000 to support the CHF Heart Center

2014 - $246,500 to support the CHF Heart Center

2013 - $228,500 to support the Healthy Lifestyles Center

2012 - $249,000 to support the Healthy Lifestyles Center

2011 - $217,000 to support the renovation of the Rooftop Play Deck

2010 - $223,000 to support the Recreation Therapy Program

2009 - $209,000 to support the Community Therapy Centers

2008 - $195,700 to support the renovation of Children’s Park

2007 - $250,000 to support the expansion of the TCU

2006 - $260,000 to support the expansion of the Dental Program

2005 - $200,000 to support the expansion of the Dental Program

2004 - $180,000 to support the Transitional Care Unit (TCU) Construction and Refurbishment of Child Life Center

2003 - $200,000 to support the Capital Improvements in Food Services and Hospital Dining

2002 - $250,000 to support the Assistive Technology Lab (50% match by the ATLFA)

2001 - $230,000 to support the Pediatric Feeding Disorders Program, Transitional Care Unit and Oxygen Consumption Unit

2000 - $150,000 to support the purchase of an X-Ray Machine and Two Reading Centers

The 2018 Children's Hospital Foundation Ball

Experience an event "Written in the Stars" at the 2018 Children's Hospital Foundation Ball.

2018 Junior Board Members

Sarah McCoy Frank

Ball Chairmen
Elaine Sanderlin Ryan
Anna Dinwiddie Hatfield


Meredith Williams Allin Aloma Jackson Holston Katherine Salt
Kathryn Clary Angus Kate Fitzgerald Houck Christina Bowe Sherrod
Season Malan Appelget Melissa Gaskins Johnson Ann Pichel Shield
Barbara Anne Bailey Ellen Kastelberg Becky Laudenberger Thalhimer
Nupur Sidhu Bal Pamela Gaughf King
Anya Townsend
Taylor Jane Bates Ashley Mees Kuemmerle Heidi Sigmon Vaiksnoras
Tarah Elizabeth Carlow Lia Lash Lindsay Truluck Walker
Margaret Moncure Clary Sloan Howell Loving
Adair Elizabeth Wallerstein
Whitney Smith Conrad Megan Lee Meteer
Julie Ann Raymer Wash
Jodi Beth Cowardin Elizabeth Amory Meyer
Mary Farrar Wentworth
Michelle Heydenreich Davis Addie Rose Miller
Jennifer Myers White
Tucker Bayliss Deal
Lauren Belk Neal
Susanne Newell Wick
Susan Perrin Dennison
Gentry Burnett O’Neill
Elizabeth Noftsinger Wiertel
Elizabeth Williams Edmunds
Sara Jessee Parsons Jill Debra Williams
Judith Anna Gorsuch Tracy Challenor Peddicord
Brooke Gunn Wojdyla
Sarah Amis Bruch Greene
Erin Elizabeth Richardson