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Senior Board

Children’s Hospital Foundation is supported by two women’s auxiliary boards, including the Senior Board which is composed of 50 active members dedicated to furthering the Foundation’s mission.

The Senior Board organizes two annual fundraisers that focus on children supporting other children in their community. Since their inception, the Children Fore Children Golf Tournament and Change for Children coin collection program have raised more than $577,000 for the Foundation.

The Change for Children Program

In 1999, the Senior Board started a school fundraising campaign called Wishing Well, which was primarily a penny fundraiser. As the program expanded over the years, the fundraiser was renamed "Change for Children" to better describe the annual program and the many different ways local school were helping children and families at Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU (CHoR). Since the program began, it has raised over $275,000 to support children at CHoR.

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The Children for Children Golf Tournament

In 2003, the Senior Board launched the first Children Fore Children Golf Tournament, which was designed for children between the ages of 8 and 17. The inaugural event featured 42 golfers and raised just over $19,000 for Children's Hospital Foundation. Since then, the tournament has grown to feature nearly 100 golfers and raise nearly $27,000 in 2016. The golf tournament has raised a grand total of $307,688 since its inception.

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2018 Senior Board Active Members

Bernice Allen Barbara Evers Susan Robins
Jennifer Ball Keyser Glancy Laurie Rogers
Jenny Bassett Alice Hickman Robin Schilling
Cara Beebe Patricia Hunter Karen Shudtz
Karen Bischof Nancy Jaffe Laura Shuford
Laura Bland Barbara Jones Nancy Smith-Jackson
Venus Bolton Page Kastelberg Betty Spiers
Katy Bonomo Donna Korzun Molly Tashjian
Tricia Bullock Branch Jeanne Kreiser Sandy Taylor
Karen Bullard Nan Laux Liz Thurman
Kim Condyles Vicki Levering Judy Ware
Suzanne Cousins Robin Lutz Julie Watson
Amanda Deep Madeline Mayhood Laura West
Janet Dew Anne-Marie Montgomery Joyce Winters
Maureen Dillard Dr. Emily Morley Sarah Wood
Lockie Duggins Ray Nelson
Donna Ellis Tricia Phillips