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How do I Fundraise?

There are endless ways to fundraise for Children’s Hospital Foundation. In addition to participating in one of our established events, many clubs, organizations, businesses and individuals find their own unique ways to help each year. From silent auctions and backyard BBQ’s to fashion shows and art benefits, we’re happy to work with you on your special event.


The first step to being recognized and supported as a valid Children’s Hospital Foundation event or fundraising project is to fill out and submit our Fundraising Form. Download our fundraising resource kit below or contact our Vice President for Community Development at sallan@chfrichmond.org for more information.

Recent Community Fundraisers

Dong's Martial Arts Tournament

Dong’s Martial Arts hosts a yearly martial arts tournament to showcase the Tae Kwon Do skills of its students.

Battle of the Badges

Local police departments joined together in a single-elimination softball tournament to raise funds for Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Mustaches 4 Kids

Community members spend one month growing mustaches in exchange for donations from family and friends.

Raised since 1996
Raised in 2016
Raised since 2011

Other Fundraising Campaigns

Change for Children

Children’s Hospital Foundation’s Change for Children Campaign is a school-based fundraising project for students of all ages that allows students and teachers an opportunity to support classmates and other children who are patients at Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU (CHoR). Over the years, Change for Children has supported a variety of programs at CHoR, including: the Assistive Technology Smart Suite, Feeding Program, Recreation Therapy Playroom and uncompensated care.

Holiday Wishes

Holiday Wishes donations support the Children’s Activity Fund for our patients who reside in our long term care unit, as well as patients at our Healthy Lifestyles Center and Center for Craniofacial Care. Girl’s Night Out, Boy’s Night Out, and nutritional cooking classes are just a few of the events that are made possible through the fund. In addition, the patients of the long term care unit enjoy weekly excursions and daily art projects, games, and other entertainment thanks to the support of the Holiday Wishes Program.