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Josh, 16

Hanover | Services: Healthy Lifestyles Center

Lifestyle Transformation

When 16-year-old Josh Melton was diagnosed in 2011 with fatty liver disease, which can lead to permanent liver damage or failure, his family was referred to the TEENS (Teaching, Encouragement, Exercise, Nutrition and Support) Weight Management program at Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU’s Healthy Lifestyles Center.

Josh engaged with the program in earnest in 2012, and the multidisciplinary lifestyle modification program helped him reverse his fatty liver disease diagnosis through a combination of exercise programs, nutritional education, and support for the whole family, including parents Joe and Jamie, older sister Ashley, and younger brother Noah. Josh lost 50 pounds and achieved his goal of completing a 10K in less than 90 minutes earlier this year.

“The Healthy Lifestyles Center is a really impressive program,” says Joe. “The values they teach have helped our whole family, and it is amazing how much Josh has been able to accomplish thanks to the Center’s support and his determination.”

Josh continues to go to the Center’s gym five nights a week and hone his cooking skills at home. Thanks to his experience at the Center, he also hopes to major in kinesiology (the study of the human body during movement) in college.

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