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Lexi, 11

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When 11-year-old Lexi Wiseman began experiencing a persistent upset stomach and pain in her abdomen, her parents, Scott and Kelly, knew that something was wrong with their daughter other than the usual childhood stomach aches.

The family came to Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU from their home in Dinwiddie, Virginia, and they soon found out that Lexi would need to have her gall bladder removed to correct the digestive problems. The surgical team recommended a laparoscopic surgery, meaning that the organ would be removed with just three small incisions.

"The whole procedure was so easy," says Kelly. "They did a great job of explaining everything to Lexi so she knew what was going to happen, and they let her take a teddy bear with her to the operating room. Afterward, she was kept in the hospital for a few hours, and we were sent home the same day. It was amazing."

Lexi got back to her normal self quickly and enjoyed getting to eat all of the foods that used to upset her stomach, most importantly chocolate and sweet tea. Today, the active sixth-grader hopes to join the cheer team at school and is setting her sights on becoming a marine biologist.

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