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Reagan, 4

Chesterfield | Services: Orthopaedic Surgery and Emergency Medicine

While playing with her older brother and cousin last summer, Reagan, 4, fell off the back of a couch and broke two bones in her left forearm. Reagan was rushed to the Emergency Room at Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU, where she was admitted and an orthopaedic resident quickly set the bones in her arm. Reagan’s parents, Elaine and Andy, appreciated the care with which the staff treated their daughter.

“When it’s your child that is the patient, you appreciate the little things,” Elaine says. “Everyone was genuinely kind, and small things like giving her stickers as a reward or letting her pick the color of her cast really made a difference.”

Due to the severity of the break, Reagan returned to see an orthopaedic surgeon once a week for the next four weeks to make sure the bones were healing properly. Fortunately, the bones healed well and, at the end of the four weeks, the team fitted Reagan with a waterproof cast so she could resume enjoying summer activities like swimming at the river.

“Everyone was phenomenal,” Elaine continues. “When they took off her first cast, they let her older brother, Tucker, hold her hand to help keep her calm. They made Reagan, and the rest of us, feel comfortable.”

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